Stretch Film

Technovaa provides stretch film from 7 to 50μm with a guaranteed maximum stretch of up to 330%. Our stretch film can be custom made to suite a wide range of needs and produced as manual stretch film, jumbo rolls to convert into hand rolls, machine rolls or pre-stretched rolls.

Our range of Stretch Films Includes:
Clear film with varying degrees of pre-stretch, Coloured stretch films, Cast PE cling film

Standard Films

Technovaa standard stretch film grades have up to 200% stretch capacity and are used as jumbo rolls for rewinders, machine rolls and hand rolls.

TS10 Stretch Basic 100%

TS15 Stretch Standard 150%

TS20 Stretch Medium 200%

High Performance Films

Our high-performance stretch films were developed to offer the best solutions for faster wrapping, with optimized cost per units and are used as machine rolls, hand rolls or jumbo rolls for rewinders. These type of product grades have up to 330% stretch capacity.

TS25 Stretch Super 250%

TS30 Stretch Power 300%

TS33 Stretch Super Power 330%

Special Films

Since 2015, combining the machine capabilities, our expert knowledge and our experience, Technovaa has been developing special stretch films for a wide range of applications.

THST Stretch SHT


THSP Stretch Thin Power