Industrial Films

Stretch Hoods

Our Stretch Hood, designed and manufactured to produce three different types to suit different uses, represent the pride of Technovaa. For the results obtained and for the high degree of satisfaction of our customers across the world. The collaboration with the major producers of lines which package using stretch hood, allows us to provide products with high performance and machinability.

Form Film and Seal (FFS) Flat Films

Coextruded PE flat films designed to have strong mechanical properties in order to pack a great variety of products.

Normally used to pack solid and dry products such as pellets, powders etc. Our experience allows us to produce films with excellent weldability and variable choice to meet the most diverse needs. Color, perforation, slipperiness and other possibilities to obtain a made-to-measure and printable product up to 6 colors.

Protective Film

Blown film that has a range of low thicknesses and high rigidity. Materials that are often used by this material: Metals (Aluminum, Stainless Steel), Carpets, Glass Automotive Parts, Panels.

Our range of Protective Films: Low thickness film (18 micron), Carpets - No noise film, Glass - White/black film, Tinted film.