Blown Films

Technovaa is a leader in the production of Multi-Layer Blown Films. Concentrated efforts in new developments, innovation and continuous improvements in the manufacturing process have resulted a high level of quality and efficiency. Having acquired the latest technology, we are able to provide value added, quality driven and economical solutions to our customers. State of the art equipment facilitating the highest levels of efficiency has placed us as one of the largest converters worldwide.

Collation Shrink Films

Co-extruded film designed for packing a variety of products such from bottles, can to beauty products. They can be used in various forms relating to the transparency, gloss and consistent thickness well as a high opportunity for downgauging.

No-Collant Shrink

Medium-Density Shrink

High-Transparency Shrink

Low Thickness Shrink

Industrial Films

The film covers the pallet in order to protect it from the affects of weather, while it also keeps the protects stable during transportation and storage. Colours, printing and transparency can all be modified on this high durability film used in the industrial sector.

Shrink Tube

Antistatic Top

High-Tech Industrial Films

High-tech films that which allow better performance of the machines and can have characteristics tailored to the most extreme needs.

Protective Film

Form Film and Seal (FFS) Flat Films

Stretch Hoods